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About Dr. Steve Czys

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How did I get here?

I was sitting in a chiropractic seminar in Chicago listening to a speaker preach about health. I looked around the room and noticed something that literally made me physically sick. This room of doctors looked no healthier than any crowd of people I have been around.

How is it that this room of health providers aren’t really healthy?

As I scanned the room I could see people with their sodas, bagels, and snacks. Over half of the room was overweight and slamming coffee to stay awake. The majority of these doctors didn’t understand health – how could someone who isn’t healthy even try and teach health!?

I had spent over $200,000 dollars and 9 years in college and was embarrassed for my profession.

I decided to make a huge change.

I decided to take the two things I was really an expert at in life, the two things that made me the healthiest person in that room and turn those things into a new business.

I started teaching my exercise and nutrition secrets and now have surgeons, MD’s, nurses, chiropractors and 1,000’s of people from every profession coming to me for my strategies on truly looking and feeling great. That one business has quickly grown to 5 locations because of 1 thing….we get great, long term results.

Another huge life change came when my wife became pregnant. I quickly found there is an unending supply of information available on how to raise a healthy baby. The problem – most of it is wrong and insanely confusing. There is nothing more important in this world to me than the health of baby Zayn.

My goal is all about teaching people how to be as healthy as possible. How to have unlimited energy. To look and feel great. Fitness, nutrition, health…it’s all I do.


“I will always provide the best products available, based on the best available scientific evidence. I promise to maintain the highest possible standards in terms of product quality, customer service, and available information.”
– Dr. Steve Czys

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