advocare post workout recoveryMy first Advocare post received a massive amount of great feedback. I definitely offended some Advocare distributors, but sometimes the truth hurts. Contrary to what they may say, Advocare products really are very poor. I was traveling this last weekend, and a friend had some Advocare products sitting on his kitchen counter. I could not help but look at the ingredients. The first product was the Advocare post workout recovery shake mix.

I do not even know where to begin as there really is nothing good about this product. As with all product labels, the ingredients used in the greatest amounts are listed first, followed by those in smaller amounts in descending order. The first ingredient listed in the post workout recovery drink is maltodextrin, a synthetic sugar made from corn starch consisting of a bunch of glucose molecules linked together. It is a man made chain of glucose. The next ingredient is fructose, more sugar! Sucrose (table sugar) is fructose and glucose linked together.

saponinThe majority of the protein in the shake is soy protein. Soy protein is one of the worst forms of protein you can buy. First of all, soy protein has the highest concentration of saponins of any food source. The term saponin is derived from the word soap. Saponins are anti-nutrients found in almost all legumes and have soap-like properties that punch holes in the membranes lining the exterior of all cells. The effect is dose dependent, meaning the more saponins you ingest, the greater the damage to your body’s cells will be. If legumes are eaten only occasionally,  saponin damage to the intestines will quickly repair itself; however, when legumes or soy products are consumed in high amounts as staples or daily supplements, the risk for a leaky gut and the diseases associated with leaky gut is greatly increased.

Soy also contains protease inhibitors. Protease inhibitors found in soy are part of the reason why legume proteins have lower bioavailability than meat proteins. Protease is an enzyme that breaks down protein for absorption in your body. Protease inhibitors found in soy reduce protein absorption which is the whole purpose of taking a protein shake.  Add to this the fact that most soy is genetically modified, the soy alone is enough reason to never purchase this product.

If you are an athlete or anyone else trying to increase your protein intake by supplementing with soy protein isolates, a much healthier strategy would be to eat more meats, fish, eggs, and seafood.  These protein packed foods taste a whole lot better than soy isolates and are much better for your body.

Canola oil is another ingredient in Advocare’s post workout recovery and should be avoided completely. Canola oil is actually hydrogenated rapeseed oil. Rapeseed is not the best name for marketing purposes, so they changed it to canola oil which comes from Canadian Oil Low Acid.

Within this and many Advocare products, the artificial sweetener sucralose is an ingredient. Artificial sweeteners should always be avoided. Sucralose is made by combining table sugar, or sucrose, with three chlorine ions to make a chemical sweetener that humans never once ingested until about 15 years ago. In my opinion, all one needs is some common sense to realize that drinking Splenda (sucralose) is probably a bad idea. The manufacturers of Splenda, of course, will assure you it is safe. A recent study just linked sucralose to leukemia and a 2008 Duke Study showed Splenda can reduce probiotics, healthy bacteria in the digestive system. I realize this study was done on rats, but if Splenda negatively affects the stomach of a rat, I doubt it can be very good for mine. With many Advocare products containing a chemical harmful to probiotics, Advocare oddly enough sells their own probiotic.

Advocare’s probiotic consists of 45 capsules containing 6 billion living organisms per capsule for $33.95. You do not know exactly how much of each strain of probiotic you are receiving because Advocare does not break them down on the label. The probiotic I prefer can be found HERE; this probiotic contains 15 billion living organisms per capsule and is less expensive than advocare. The amount of each bacteria strain included is broken down on the label. So, you get three times as much, higher quality probiotics for a better price! Do not waste your money on Advocare! In a nutshell, the Advocare program sells a multitude of products which may destroy probiotics in your digestive system, then try and sell you a low quality, overpriced product to replace them.

Like other Advocare products, this one contains synthetic vitamins. Synthetic vitamins are cheaply made from chemicals and are not found in nature at all. They are not the same as vitamins found in whole foods and are not nearly as healthy.  Some examples of synthetics are cyanocobalamin(called B12) and folic acid found in spark. Vitamin B9 is often recommended to pregnant women to help avoid neural tube defects. Because of this,Vitamin B9 is considered a prenatal vitamin, but is really just a multivitamin with a different name. Unfortunately, most health providers recommend vitamins with B9 in the folic acid form as opposed to the natural folate form. Consumption of folic acid has been linked to cancers and other diseases. Dr Cordain gives a great explanation of this fact here.

I cannot stress how bad this product is! I cannot stress enough how foolish it would be to spend any money on this product!

Right now there are some Advocare distributors thinking, “Well why do athletes pictured on our website promote it?” For one, they are getting paid and two, since when are athletes or race car drivers nutrition experts? If you step back and take an objective view of the ingredients, this product is awful; there is no debating it.

3 oz venison


What I recommend as the best post workout protein “shake” is a portion of meat. The best way to build or maintain muscle is to eat muscle. There are 26 grams of protein in just 3 oz of venison along with massive amounts of whole food vitamins. What I like to do is make a whole bunch of meat at once so I have quick, easy portions available when I am hungry.

When you look at the label of a product, there are a few ingredients that if you see, you should not consume it: sucralose, aspartame, artificial sweetener, hydrogenated, canola, high fructose corn syrup, cyanocobalamin, dl-alphatocopherol, hydrolyzed. Take a look at some of the Advocare product labels and see how often they use these unhealthy ingredients.


I was going to break down each of these next products, but there really is no need to. They are made from the cheap, unhealthy ingredients mentioned above. Not one of these products is healthy or something I would pay for.

I am sure there are distributors just stewing inside who cannot wait to write some nasty comment or post telling me I am wrong, even though all I did was point out exactly what the Advocare product labels say. Let me answer your questions before you ask them.

This is the exact same sales pitch I have heard from every multi-level-marketing (MLM) supplement company. It does not matter if it is Plexus, Advocare, Herbalife, Isagenix, Amway, Juice Plus, Shakeology, or Usana, they all give this same spiel. I would love to have reps from each of these companies in a room using the exact same sales tactics on each other.

They all claim to have the best doctors, scientists, nutritionists, and science advisory board in the world formulating advocare slamtheir products. I do not know of any competition to indicate who the best doctors in the world are. If there is one, I would surely like to enroll.

They are all 100% natural. Of course they are. The term “natural” means absolutely nothing. Sucrose (table sugar) and chlorine are both natural. When you combine the two you get Splenda, which is an artificial sweetener and is completely unnatural. But because Splenda is made from natural sugar and natural chlorine, they can call it natural.

Our products are the best! Says who? Show me one instance where people have taken various MLM products and then evaluated for improved health and function to determine which is best. Just because you go to some  big event paid for by the company with people paid by the company telling you they are the best does not make it truth. A person’s word does not trump the poor ingredients clearly listed on the label.

They all have some amazing story about a friend who lost so many pounds and inches in a couple weeks. I could pick up smoking and lose a bunch of weight; that does not mean it is healthy. Healthy and sustainable weight loss can only come from one thing: lifestyle change. You have to eat right and exercise long term to maintain a healthy life. Just look around at the obesity epidemic in this country. These quick fixes are not working!

We have the most scientific and nutritionally advanced products on the market. Nope. Again, all you have to do is look at the ingredients that are clearly labeled on each bottle to show that is completely false. The word of distributors or a paid science advisory board does not erase the actual low quality ingredients listed right on the label!

They will all sponsor some athlete, team, race, or organization and claim their products are used because they are the best. No, it is just that your company is paying them. Lebron James does not promote Coke, McDonalds, and Dunkin Donuts because he believes those products aid his performance!

Dr. Oz had our product on his show. Dr. Oz promotes anything on his show! It is amazing how many companies use him to promote products. The Senate consumer protection subcommittee recently grilled Dr. Oz over the irresponsible claims he makes on his show.

Our soils are depleted and food does not contain any vitamins anymore. If the soil was that poor, food would not grow in it! Even if this is partially true, the answer is not to take synthetic vitamins. It is to eat high quality, local food. Taking supplements made from chemicals will not replace the vitamins that come from food.

You will be promised to earn so many thousands of dollars a month working from home. You will have more time with the kids, family, and friends. The fact is over 95% of people who buy into a MLM company lose money.

This is what an honest sales-pitch would sound like: “How would you like to sell the same medium to low grade products you could get at Walmart or Kmart at extraordinarily high prices? We slap our own label on them, then pay a couple “experts” to say our products are the best.

Now with any multi-level-marketing company there is 95% chance you will lose money, but who says you can’t be in that 5%? The best part is you can get your friends to sell under you. That way you can earn money off them even though they also have a 95% chance of losing money. All you have to do is call and bother anyone you know, repeatedly. Just keep calling and asking them to buy your products.

Don’t forget you just paid $79 to become a distributor and are now a health and nutrition expert. Who needs schooling, just trust us. Don’t forget to constantly make Facebook posts. Those won’t annoy anyone; they will just bring in the profits. You also want to recruit people to sell under you. Think about it, we want as many people as possible selling the exact same stuff in your community. The more people in one area selling the same thing makes it that much harder for everyone to make money so odds are you will fail.

Regardless if you are selling Plexus, Advocare, Herbalife, Isagenix, Amway, Juice Plus, Shakeology, or Usana, your products are the best because our paid experts say so. Just ask anyone who sells any of these products. They will tell you they have the best even though they have nothing to back that statement up.

You can come to Texas for a big who-Ra event with flashing lights, pumping music, and a few success stories to get you all excited. We won’t educate you one bit on what these ingredients actually are, because we don’t want you to know how bad they are. Why should people spend their hard earned money on food? You know, the stuff humans have been thriving on for millions of years. Why buy food when you can convince them to buy our food/chemical powders and make yourself some money?”

Some of you may be wondering why I took the time to write this and the last Advocare post. I am constantly getting asked the exact same questions about various products. I think this a great way for me to give the facts and let people read it, as opposed to explaining it repeatedly.

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