The Struggle with Cheat Meals

The Struggle with Cheat Meals

I ate a cookie yesterday. A big one. I ate the whole thing. In one sitting. I was grocery shopping and when I passed the amazing thumbprint cookies in the bakery at the Co-op and I decided I wanted a treat. It was delicious and, for the most part, worth every bite. I...
The Obese Dog That Saved My Life

The Obese Dog That Saved My Life

I was sitting around with friends talking about the usual stuff and getting ready to have dinner. A car pulled into the driveway and the family lab Max, like many dogs do, got up to bark out the window. His bark was different though. It was labored and weak. Max was...

9 Tips to Eating Healthier in a Restaurant

1) This first step is to just pick a healthier restaurant. More and more are popping up all the time. Don’t limit your options by going to the all you can eat pasta buffet. Choose your restaurant wisely. When the question comes up “where do you want to...
60 Days to a Better You

60 Days to a Better You

This works. Period. It’s simple but powerful.  One of the best things we can do is work on small daily choices. These small daily choices repeated over time become behaviors and these behaviors create habits.  Once the positive habit is created then you start to...
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