Wild Picked Apple Sauce (NO Sugar Added)

Wild Picked Apple Sauce (NO Sugar Added)

Make this apple sauce and thank me later! All of these apples are actually wild picked on public land. People are often picking berries and mushrooms but overlooking the wild apples. They are not always the prettiest but they do make amazing apple sauce! And if...
My Top 8 Go To Snacks

My Top 8 Go To Snacks

Planning ahead is the key to dietary success. Yet, life happens. Sometimes, we have to grab a quick bite. Here are some of my favorite go to snacks.  Banana with Pecans, Almonds, or Brazil Nuts – I literally just put a raw nut on top of the banana for each bite....
Best Damn Guac Ever

Best Damn Guac Ever

4-6 avocados 1 small purple onion 1-2 Roma tomatoes 2 tomatillos 1 jalapeño or Serrano pepper 1 bunch of cilantro 1 lime (for juice only) Cumin to taste (I use around a tsp to 5 avocados) Smash your avocados up well with the juice of your lime. Don’t skip this...

Wild Turkey Bone Broth, Great Tasting and Super Healthy.

If you’re like me you hate wasting any part of an animal. Whenever an animal is killed I feel it’s most ethical to use as much as possible. I found a great turkey leg and thigh recipe to hopefully prevent people from leaving so many of them in the woods. I...

Brined and Smoked Wild Turkey

This recipe is simply amazing. There will be no “dry wild turkey” comments I promise you that. Thankfully Wisconsin changed the rules so I can just phone in a turkey kill as opposed to taking it to a registration station. The feathers are much easier to...
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