1 Simple Trick To Afford Your Dream Trip

I recently ran into an uncle at the wedding reception. Of course we started talking hunting and the recent trips we’ve had. I told him about my successful mule deer hunt in South Dakota as well as my Mule Deer and Antelope hunt in Wyoming, and Hawaii Vacation. I had a...

My Favorite Broccoli Salad

Most people have certain foods they love and could eat just about every day; this is one of mine. I typically make a double or triple batch of this, so I always have some in the fridge. It is a quick and tasty side to any main dish. As far as the ingredients go, I no...

The Best Wild Turkey Leg & Thigh Recipe Ever

Too often I hear and read about turkey hunters de-breasting their turkeys and leaving the gizzard, heart, leg and thigh meat for the coyotes. This is due to turkey legs being full of long, slivered bones and tough meat when not cooked properly. If you follow this...
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