Coffee Enrich

Like most people, I love my morning cup of coffee. I love it even more when there is some great flavor added to it. The problem is, just about every coffee sweetener is terribly unhealthy.

New Advocare Study Shows…..

New Advocare Study Shows…..

Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. I have to be honest upfront. There is no new Advocare study. There has never been an Advocare study old or new to show that Advocare products are good. Advocare was founded in 1993 by Charles Ragus – a man with zero education in health but...

Fish Oil Burps – Is It Worth It?

There is so much confusion, even among health professionals, when it comes to fish oil. I often see clients who are taking fish oil based on the recommendations of their doctor. The problem is that most doctors tell them to just pick up any fish oil because they are...