This works. Period. It’s simple but powerful. 

One of the best things we can do is work on small daily choices. These small daily choices repeated over time become behaviors and these behaviors create habits.  Once the positive habit is created then you start to see huge positive changes. 

Here is an outline you can follow. Write down the 4 sentences in bold and write down your goals underneath. I filled in some suggestions.  

It’s really all about creating good habits. Focus on the daily choices and 60 days from now you’ll have created a new habit. 

Do this exercise. Stick it on your refrigerator. Keep it where you and others can see it. And, improve 🙂

Break these choices: (suggestions)
1. Drinking Sweetened Beverages
2. Consuming Dairy Products
3. Eating Grains
4. Gossip
5. Negative Self Talk
6. Watching more than 30 min of TV per day

Choose These Actions: (suggestions)
1. Intense Exercise at least 3 times per week
2. Outdoor exercise at least 2 times per week
3. Start your day with a checklist of things you will accomplish that day
4. Say positive things about and to people
5. Take recommended supplements
6. Drink only water

Increase my value to my home in these ways (suggestions)
1. Show more appreciation for the little things my spouse does that I take for granted.
2. Once a week do something special with my family
3. One hour a day give my undivided attention to my family.

Sharpen my mind in these ways (suggestions)
1. Invest time each day to read professional materials in my field
2. Read a new motivational or educational book. Just 10 pages per day. 
3. Spend 30 min each day alone in quiet, undisturbed thinking.

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