I take decades of obsessive learning and pack it into 70 minutes of nuts and bolts learning for you. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be confusing. After listening to this information a few times you’ll come away knowing exactly how you and your family should be eating.

“It was A-MAZING! Love how passionate & fact/research based the presentation was.” – Michelle Brueggeman

“I found it very inspiring and motivating, makes me want to change my lifestyle for me and my family” – Katie Nelson

“WOW! Just amazed by how much I learned in an hour!” Caitie Staneck

“Good eye opener. It will help jumpstart a healthier lifestyle for myself and my kids.” – Rachel Pasch

“Excellent – What great motivation to not only get out and workout but to look closely at what I put into my body.” – Janice Steeter

“Fantastic! Explained everything in an easy to understand way. Steve is super passionate about health and fitness. You can tell he really wants to help.”  – Lisa Montague

“This information, if implemented would change health care in the United States permanently”– Denise Probert

“This presentation was impressive and very informative. I go to UWL and have been for 3 years and I have learned more in this presentation about nutrition than I have at UWL. Amazing stuff, very well presented.”  Jake Meiller

“Absolutely Amazing. I love, love, love learning new things, especially things that benefit me. This presentation is an eye opener and very informative. Well done.”   Amanda Leonard

“I have been struggling with my diet and exercise for years. I now feel that I have the proper knowledge to change my future, my life.” Michelle Bahr

“Awesome! Motivating! Just what I needed to get going again.” Gina Hilmanowski

What You Will Learn. 
I. 00:34 – Dr Czys’ background and why you should listen to what he has to say.
II. 03:45 – Learn the most effective way to stick with any diet changes. This is my secret to long term success.
III. 06:26 – Do you know how amazing your body is? For example, if you lined up all of your DNA it would go around Pluto and back. I explain how truly amazing you are!
IV. 12:11 – Your doctor knows next to nothing about the single most important factor in how you look and feel…and it’s not your genes! 
V. 15:08 – Did you now your diet can change your genetic expression? What you eat can literally change the genes of your children, It’s called epigentics and I’ll explain more.
VI. 17:27 – Food pyramids, food plates, where did we go so wrong?
VII. 21:08 – After this chapter you’ll know more about carbs than most nutritionists. I eat them every day. I’ll teach you how to pick the right ones as well.
VIII. 23:43 – Everything you need to know about grains. Which ones do I eat, if any?
IX. 30:37 – What is fiber and where do you get it?
X. 32:21 – Fats – Are they all bad? I’ll explain exactly which ones to choose and why.
XI. 38:34 – What is protein and do you need protein shakes? Spoiler – I’ve never used protein shakes.
XII. 43:33 – I grew up on a dairy farm and haven’t had a glass of milk in 15 years. I explain why.
XIII. 47:58 – Breakfast – The most important meal of the day. Truth or clever marketing?
XIV. 49:47 – Metabolism – What is metabolism and how to boost it.
XV. 51:04 – What should you and your family be drinking?
XVI. 52:38 – Let’s talk a little more about dairy.
XVII. 55:21 – Learn why Paleo isn’t really Paleo and why many Paleo recipes are a bad idea.
XVIII. 56:44 – Should you be taking supplements? I’ll explain why most are useless, many are even harmful, and the ones my family and I never miss.
XIX. 1:07:32 – Answers to the most common questions I get at my healthy eating seminars.

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