Annoyed (2)It is one of the most annoying things. Facebook posts blowing up with your “friends” promoting their “lose-weight-fast supplements, products and opportunities”. They just paid $79 to become a distributor and now magically know how to make you healthier. Just imagine if they signed up to be a distributor while staying at a Holiday Inn Express. That would make them a genius!

Let me cut through all of this clutter for you so you don’t have to waste time responding to the posts; you can just cut and paste this link in their news feed.
Every one of these multi-level-marketing companies is going to use the exact same sales technique. They are going to tell you their company has the best doctors in the world formulating their products. I have yet to hear of a best doctor competition but if it’s out there please let me know so I can enter! If they were to speak the truth they would say, “our company has paid some doctors enough money to allow us to attach their name to our products.” It is odd how every one of these multi-level-marketing companies has the “best doctors.”
Next they will claim some professional athlete uses their products because they are the best, or that every NFL locker room or some other sports organization uses them. Professional athletes put their name behind companies that pay them. I think it’s safe to say Lebron James isn’t on McDonald’s commercials because value meals aid his performance. The whole idea of using star athletes to promote products started with Nike. It is a brilliant marketing tactic and nothing more. No matter what company a person is trying to sell you on, I guarantee the overwhelming majority of pro athletes are NOT using it.

Next of course you’ll get the heart-felt personal story. “I lost 7 inches in 9 day and have so much more energy, etc…” The energy is most likely from the added caffeine, and the lost inches from the laxative effect of the products or the calorie restriction that is recommended with it. If I gave you a get-rich-quick pitch where you can earn $20,000 a month just like me! All you have to do is buy my startup kit. Would you do it? I sure hope not. Why do we still fall for these “lose weight fast” gimmicks when we have wised up to the get rich quick schemes?

And the absolute worst part. The real goal is to get you to open up your wallet to become a distributor in their downline. They will give the promise of working from home, getting rich, spend more time with family, when the truth is over 99% of people lose money in this “opportunity”.  Thankfully Herablife just got hit with a $200 million fine for such absurd claims. The MLM supplement company walls are cracking!
Here is the truth. A proper diet and exercise, done consistently, will result in LONG TERM weight loss and more importantly, IMPROVED HEALTH every single time. It never ever fails. Whatever money these people are trying to get from you is much better served spent on healthy food. Or maybe hire someone who is educated to teach you about exercise and diet. That education will last a lifetime! You can teach it to your kids and lead by example. Education can create a ripple effect and improve the lives of many!
Can you imagine if people started posting on Facebook. “Are you looking to make more money next year? I just paid $79 to become an advisor for Advofinancials. We have the best advisors in the world when it comes to investing money. I made $235 in just 21 days! PM if you want more info” Wouldn’t you think this person is a fool? Wouldn’t it upset you if you were a financial advisor and spent years getting education in this field?

The thing is, nothing is more important than a person’s health. And, nothing is more important to health than what we put in our bodies. Why would you ever trust your health with someone who has zero education when it comes to nutrition? Or worse, if you do sell this, how could you possibly sell products that affect a person’s health when you have absolutely no education in what you are selling? That is unethical at best, and it should be criminal. How people have the nerve to do this is mind boggling. The true goal of these people is to get other people to sell under them by promising them an “opportunity” or you can “be a champion. “ The fact is, over 95% of people who buy into these companies lose money! What an opportunity. You literally have much better odds if you just head to the casino and throw your money down on a hand of black jack.
I have yet to find any multi-level marketing product where you can’t get a much higher quality alternative for a cheaper price. Not a single one. The business model requires the product pricing to be outrageous.
Please stop falling for; the best doctor pitch, the athlete sponsor, the personal stories, the guarantees, the opportunity, the same direct sales marketing technique every one of these companies teach.
If you really want to change your health this year find someone who can teach not only what choices to make, but help you learn how to stick with them!