Planning ahead is the key to dietary success. Yet, life happens. Sometimes, we have to grab a quick bite. Here are some of my favorite go to snacks. 

  1. Banana with Pecans, Almonds, or Brazil Nuts – I literally just put a raw nut on top of the banana for each bite. A banana with pecans tastes amazing.
  2. Exo Bars – I love these bars. They are a great tasting mix of healthy fats and protein that keep me full for hours. Often times my lunch consists of one of these bars. Click Here and order a sample pack. I always have a bar handy.
  3. An Apple – Apples are so good, super filling and easy to carry anywhere. This is one food item I always try and get organic as they are heavily sprayed.
  4. An Apple with Almond Butter – Crazy good but be careful. It’s easy to use too much almond butter. Limit yourself to 1 TBLS per apple.
  5. Hard boiled egg – I think it’s worth paying a little extra for the good ones. Healthy fats and proteins packed full of vitamins that keep you full for a long time.
  6. Ham Cigars – I especially love this when I travel. I roll up a hard boiled egg in a slice of ham. The salty ham and egg is a perfect great tasting combo.
  7. Green Protein Cigars – Roll a piece of beef or turkey up in a green like leaf lettuce and you have great high protein high nutrient snack.
  8. Tuna Pack – I used to eat these more often but the amount of mercury and other pollutants in tuna concerns me.



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