Enrich – The Best Tasting Chocolate Greens Drink

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Coffee Enrich combines over 40 fruit and vegetable powders with digestive enzymes and natural flavors to create a GREAT TASTING, HEALTHY, Very Low Calorie, Caramel Chocolate flavored greens drink.


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Like most people, I love my morning cup of coffee.  I love it even more when there is some great flavor added to it. The problem is, just about every coffee sweetener is terribly unhealthy. You have trans-fat filled creamers, lots of added sugars, and/or artificial sweeteners. Those are three things you should always avoid.

Coffee Enrich combines over 40 fruit, vegetable, and superfood powders with digestive enzymes and natural flavors to create a GREAT TASTING, HEALTHY, coffee sweetener.

It is such a common problem, people not getting enough fruits and vegetables. I decided to create a great tasting Caramel Mocha flavored greens drink. The best part is that it is not only good in coffee, but also in smoothies, water, milk and more!

That brings us to the only problem with this product…

THE NAME! Coffee Enrich is great in much more than coffee! Add it to smoothies for a chocolate kick, mix with milk or almond milk for healthy “chocolate” milk or just shake into a bottle of water when you’re on the go. We have had many people tell us it makes the best hot chocolate or chocolate milk ever. The rich chocolaty flavor means you can use it wherever you would use cocoa powder and sugar. I have even used it in place of cocoa and sugar to make a birthday cake.

HERE you will find some of our favorite smoothies, mug cakes, desserts and even party drinks using Coffee Enrich.

The low calorie sweetening secret is stevia and resistant maltodextrin.

Fun Fact! Resistant maltodextrin is fermented by good bacteria in your large intestine, which produces energy and helps keep the acid-base balance in the best range for the intestine to work properly. Resistant maltodextrin may help keep you regular by increasing stool bulk. It also supports the growth of good bacteria (probiotics).

Don’t let the name fool you.  Enjoy great tasting chocolate milk without the weight-gaining ingredients of sugar, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, or trans fats! Your mornings just got a lot better!

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