Dr Czys’ Wellness Pack – Save up to 20% & FREE Shipping

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Save 14% and be stocked up for 6 months! You will get 
3 bottles of the probiotic
2 bottles of fish oil
1 bottle of vitamin D

Save 20% and be stocked up for 12 months! You will get
6 bottles of the probiotic
4 bottles of fish oil
2 bottles of vitamin D


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These are without question the 3 most important supplements you can be taking. This is the trifecta. I am assuming you’ve looked at each of these individual product pages and learned why each is so important and why these are of the highest quality possible. 

I won’t be redundant with the information about each product but I am giving you a chance to save time and money. 

Order a 6 month supply and save 13%. Order two and save 20%. With your order I’ll send you a sweet cloth grocery bag. My only rule is that bag is for healthy food and gym clothes only! 

Why should you take these three supplements?

YOU WILL FEEL BETTER! Isn’t that what it’s really all about? I want to feel great, have lots of energy, look great, just be a healthy person that enjoys life. Your body needs the nutrients in these 3 products to function at 100%. These 3 nutrients are very hard to get enough of from a healthy diet. It is essential to supplement them. There are very few supplements that I will take or recommend. These 3 are a must! 

What makes my products the best?

Mother Nature! When it comes to nutrients we have never improved on nature. Ever. All of my products have ingredients in the exact form as they would exist in nature. There are products that can be just as good. But they can never be better. The difference is price. Because I am a small company with low expenses I’m able to keep the pricing down for you. 


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Weight 4.1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

6 Month Supply (Save 14%), 1 Year Supply (Save 20%)

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  1. Kathy

    These are all wonderful! Easy to swallow and no fish aftertaste.

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  2. Stephani Burns

    The fish oil is amazing. It tastes like a lemon gum drop. All the pills are easier to swallow which I need. Thank You!

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  3. Teri

    The fish oil tastes great! I really feel it if I forget take these. I’ve compared these with a lot of products. What you are getting for this price is a great deal.

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