The Truth About Zurvita

The Truth About Zurvita

“What are your thoughts on Zurvita?” I’ve been getting asked that a lot lately….why? Because Advocare is no longer a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) pyramid type business so many of their distributors have jumped ship to Zurvita. How ironic (and...
New Advocare Study Shows…..

New Advocare Study Shows…..

Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. I have to be honest upfront. There is no new Advocare study. There has never been an Advocare study old or new to show that Advocare products are good. Advocare was founded in 1993 by Charles Ragus – a man with zero education in health but...

Weightloss Resolution? Don’t Get Robbed!

In light of the approaching New Year, you will likely start to see Facebook posts blowing up with your “friends” promoting their “lose-weight-fast supplements, products and opportunities”. Let me cut through all of this clutter for you so you don’t have to waste time...

The Truth About Advocare Part 2

 My first Advocare post received a massive amount of great feedback. I definitely offended some Advocare distributors, but sometimes the truth hurts. Contrary to what they may say, Advocare products really are very poor. I was traveling this last weekend, and a friend...
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