First, I want you to understand how amazing your body is. Right now your body is producing 8,000 cells per second within your womb. The smartest minds on the planet cannot make one cell. And here your body is magically making around 8,000 every single second! It is so amazing it’s beyond comprehension.

You don’t have to think about it, you don’t have to know what’s happening in there, it’s just doing it’s thing at an unbelievable pace. Your body is creating a little human being within your womb. There is an intelligence within you, an innate intelligence that makes all of this happen perfectly.

Now this is where it gets really important for you. That little person is being built from something. That something is what you eat. What you eat while you are pregnant can have an impact on your child’s entire life!

First let me back up and give you an analogy to make it easy to understand. Let’s say you had a blueprint to build the perfect home. I mean this blueprint had every detail perfected. This is going to be the greatest home ever made. You also had the perfect construction crew. This crew never makes mistakes. This crew plus the perfect blueprint will equal the perfect home.

Now let’s say the construction crew gets to work and finds they are missing key materials for building a home. They’re not getting enough wood or enough wiring but they are getting far too much of other materials like insulation. These guys have a deadline and have to be finished so they keep working. They end up building a pretty amazing house but it’s not nearly as good as it could have been. They just didn’t get some of the materials they needed and had too much of others to use. The house could have been so much better…..

Your baby’s gene code is a blueprint. Genes are the blueprint to build a perfect human. The innate intelligence that is building this baby is the construction crew. Both of them are perfect. The supplier of their materials is YOU! The materials to build that little human are what you have stored in your body and what you eat!!

What you eat has an enormous impact on the life of your child. The reason you want to supplement while pregnant is to make sure your body has enough of the materials it needs to create a healthy little human.

The one supplement that always comes up is the prenatal. Why? If you do not have enough of the nutrient Folate in your body, your baby can develop what is called a neural tube defect. So, if your body is deficient in a nutrient, a material needed to build a healthy baby, the baby can develop a health problem.

Here’s the thing with Folate or prenatals: By the time you are about 28 days pregnant the neural tube has closed. In other words, by the 28th day of pregnancy that prenatal is too late. Folate is a supplement that should be taken before you even get pregnant!

The whole purpose of supplementing is to make sure you and your baby are getting enough of the materials needed to create as healthy of a human as possible. There are two supplements you absolutely must be taking while pregnant because it is very hard to get enough of these nutrients via diet. These nutrients have an impact on every cell in your child throughout the entire pregnancy and after. My wife never missed them and we continue to give them to our baby every day. I know it’s a big reason why at 20 months he has not had an ear infection or any of the common childhood sicknesses. 

Number 1 is Vitamin D. Researchers have found that women who took 5,000 IU’s of Vitamin D everyday during pregnancy were more likely to have an uncomplicated birth. Whereas women taking less vitamin D were more likely to have a baby born early (before the due date) or to develop gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, or infections. Women taking less vitamin D were also more likely to have a c-section.

New animal studies have shown Vitamin D prevents autistic-like behaviors!

Vit D is actually a hormone and it has a direct impact on over 1,000 of the 18-20,000 genes that make up humans. To make it very simple think of it like this: If you are getting 100% of the required amount of Vit D, that is perfect. You and your baby are getting what you both need to be as healthy as possible. If you are getting less than 100%, you’re not as healthy as you could be and could develop health problems. 

Vit D supplements are a great way to get 100% of the required amount of Vit D. If you are currently pregnant I’ll send you my vitamin D for FREE. Seriously. Just click HERE and you can get it. Please, for pregnant ladies only! I want you and your baby to be super healthy and I know this will help. 

Number 2 is Omega 3 Fats Fish oil. 

If you don’t get enough omega 3’s (Fish Oil), studies show the child is at much greater risk for dyslexia, ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia. Take quality Fish Oil!

A Harvard study showed that mothers who consumed fish oil had smarter babies than those who didn’t.

Just like Vitamin D and Folate, if you are not getting enough of these essential nutrients you and your baby can develop health issues. Remember Fish is brain food? Omega 3 fats are essential ingredients in the development of the brain and nervous system. 

After you claim your free bottle of vitamin D you will get an opportunity at the same fish oil my wife took while pregnant. It is the perfect fish oil with absolutely no fishy taste. There is a huge difference in quality from one fish oil to the next which I explain here. DO NOT buy the cheap stuff at Walmart!

As a bonus when you claim your Free Bottle of Vitamin D I’ll send you the foods my wife made sure to eat throughout her pregnancy, and the foods we found to lead to the greatest breast milk production. I’ll also send you the best first foods for babies as well as the proper progression to new foods.  My baby has NEVER had rice cereal……the advice to start with rice cereal makes me want to scream. 

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