Brittany pics Lifestyle changes will get results every single time if done consistently. Brittany has been with us for about a year.

What keeps you motivated? What keeps me motivated is the desire to teach my kids the best way to take care of themselves.  I am now the mom that can run around with them.  I also am motivated by meeting personal goals and completing new challenges.

Do you take any Adcovare, Plexus, Isagenix or any other multi-level marketing products? Have I taken any of those products, the answer is yes; but it was during a period of time I was lacking motivation and not something I continued. I didn’t like being on the product and once I quit, I gained everything back.  This was a great lesson for me that it is with hard work and patience that you get lasting results.   I currently don’t take any supplements.

What’s a typical workout schedule in a week for you? A typical workout routine is Mon-Saturday at Eupraxia.
Can you describe what you eat on a typical day? A typical day of eating consists of hardboiled eggs, orange for snack, leftovers for lunch (chicken, beef, venison or pork with green beans or snap peas. For dinner it is generally similar to the above.  I am an extremely picky eater so I am not as good about consuming enough veggies compared to fruit.

What is favorite healthy meal? My favorite healthy meal is salsa chicken.  I love that it’s simple to throw in the crockpot and my whole family will eat it.

Any advice for people looking to improve their health? My advice to those looking to improve their health is to commit and set goals.  Focus on building routine and don’t see a treat or one bad meal ruin your progress.  This is a lifestyle change and you will not always be able to control the environment you are in.   I would also recommend setting a goal for workout frequency in a week and sticking to it. Once I committed to my workout regimen and ate right it was then that I really started to see results.  It’s important to also remember changes take time and you won’t see results overnight.

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