“What are your thoughts on Zurvita?” I’ve been getting asked that a lot lately….why? Because Advocare is no longer a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) pyramid type business so many of their distributors have jumped ship to Zurvita.

How ironic (and predictable) that those who claimed for years that Advocare has “the best products in the world – just ask our scientific discovery board” have immediately jumped ship now that Advocare no longer has the pyramid MLM business model. Apparently if you can’t create a downline of friends and family to sell for you the products just aren’t that good anymore.

In this article I’m not going to get into details on how Zurvita’s business is set up just like advocare was. Both companies are based in Texas, both have their nonsense paid (scientific advisory board), and both use religion to sell products and “opportunity.” I’m going to break down the products themselves to see if they are any good…..

I’m going to start with the low hanging fruit and quickly explain why you shouldn’t waste your money on this nonsense product.

The claim is obviously that it will “Cleanse & Detox” you. My question….Cleanse and Detox you of what?

It’s a really simple study to do. Either test a person for toxins – give them a cleanse or detox – then retest and show that their are less toxins.

Or – test a person’s urine, breath, feces, sweat….wherever these toxins are supposed to be going that this product is pulling from the body.

Those studies don’t exist!!! Why? Because Zurvita or any company selling these nonsense products knows it would prove their product to be useless.

Just stop and think how amazing your liver is for a second. It is filtering about 1.5 Liters of blood per minute!! Add to that your kidneys, skin, lungs, and digestive tract…. your internal detoxification system is amazing beyond imagination.

I have to add that that minuscule amount of a single probiotic strain they added won’t do you a bit of good. It will however allow them to write “probiotic” on the label which sounds good. 

The next product I’d like to talk about this their “thermogenic fat burner.” So how does this thermogenic work? It contains bitter orange, which has synephrine, which is similar to the FDA banned ephedra, which will boost your body’s temperature by causing a release of hormones that speed up heart rate, speed up breathing, and increase blood pressure. Your body has to burn more energy to speed up these processes and because of that is called a “fat burner.”

To put it simply – this product causes the stress response in your body. Why would you pay for more stress? If anyone is trying to sell you a thermogenic and thinks it is actually healthy you have to walk away. 

Ahh this stuff just drives me so crazy. Why are people with absolutely zero education in health allowed to sell products with crazy health claims? Here’s what’s really crazy. In Wisconsin because I spent 9 years in college and earned my doctorate I had to take extra schooling and pass 4 more exams just to earn the right to sell supplements.

That’s right. The state makes the person that graduated with a doctorate pay to take even more schooling about supplements and nutrition. However, Jay and Sally with zero health education can just pay distributor fee and start selling to every one of their facebook friends.

Back to the products.  what are you getting with Zeal? Caffeine! I can’t find how much caffeine but it’s the caffeine that people are feeling. It’s an old supplement industry trick.

You add caffeine to a product so people feel a jolt of energy. You then claim that the energy felt is from the other “amazing natural ingredients” in the product.

If you want a caffeine rush, you can save a lot of money by buying a bottle of 100 caffeine pills for under $5 at a gas station. If anyone ever recommends you give Zeal to a child, be assured you are talking to a buffoon. Would you ever give a child a caffeine pill?

The marketing is most effective when you add some exotic plant names to the label that most people haven’t heard of because it sounds special. It’s not. This product is nothing more than a caffeine delivery system in a nice wrapper.

And finally one more product to quickly look over……their protein powder. If you took this product into walmart and compared it to whatever they have on the shelves for a fraction of the price you will quickly see it’s no better.

You will have the same cheap whey protein as the main protein source. Why is it so cheap? Whey is a waste product of cheese manufacturing. You’ll find the same stuff in all the cheap protein powders.

I did highlight a couple ingredients in the image below. Those are synthetic vitamins. There is nothing “All-Natural” about them. Synthetic means they are made in a factory. That form of that vitamin does not exist in any naturally occurring food on the planet. Studies have actually shown that taking synthetic vitamins may increase your risk of cancer

Lastly, Zurvita is very overpriced. With multi-level marketing (MLM) there is a pyramid system where one person sells under another who is under another and so on (they will claim it is not a pyramid…but it is, simple as that). The only way for each person to get a cut is if the prices are ridiculously high to begin with. 

The ultimate goal must be better health. The whole purpose of losing weight is to improve your health, be it physical or mental. Healthy weight loss does not come from taking any MLM product. Weight loss or improved health is not about adding a powder or pill. It comes from finding a powerful reason for changing your life and then committing to a change in lifestyle. This change must be maintained forever.

I do not benefit in any way whether you do or do not spend your money on Advocare, Herbalife, Isagenix, Plexus, Amway or any MLM product. (P.S. They all use the exact same sales pitches. Isn’t it fascinating how Herbalife, Advocare, Plexus, and Isagenix all have the best doctors, scientists, and nutritionists developing their products?)

Every single MLM distributor I have ever spoken to from any company has said they have the best, safest, most researched, healthiest products available. They are all wrong! I am not trying to sell you anything; I just want you to stop wasting your money on bad products when you could be spending it on food. If you have a friend or co-worker that is incessantly pressuring you to buy their ridiculously over-priced products, feel free to send this to them.

I speak to thousands of people yearly about nutrition. Just imagine how much money I could make if during each presentation I got a handful of people to sell MLM products under me…….

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