STUDENTS…..Here is a million dollar tip I wish I could give my younger self….It doesn’t matter what you are going to school for; accounting, fitness, chiropractic, business, forestry…..anything….

Why listen to me? One, I’m not your parents… rarely do students like to listen to their parents. Two, I completed 20 semesters of college courses and based on most standards would fit in the “successful” category.

If I could travel back in time, I would tell my younger self to do this.

Go to a person or business that is very successful in the field you want to work in….and volunteer to do anything they ask of you, just so you can be in or near that person or business…I guarantee you will learn more than you will in the classroom.

AND – I can’t speak for all business owners…. but I would hire the 3.0 student with a personality and bunch of real experience (not the nonsense volunteer work to try and boost a resume) over the 4.0 student with no experience every single time.

PS – that business you volunteered for…. do a good job and they’ll offer to pay you on top of giving you loads of knowledge and experience!

PPS – AND maybe the most important part of this. You may quickly realize that you hate the job you are going to school for. I know far too many Chiropractors and PT’s that spent 8-9 years in college and dropped $200,000+ only to graduate and find out they hate what they do.

Dr Czys

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